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Shanghai Yuai metallurgical materials co., LTD. Main carburizing agent, low nitrogen carburizing agent, calcine coke, graphitized coke, graphitized resistance material insulation material, asphalt coke, negative electrode with needle coke and friction filler and other carbon materials.
Various specifications of casting, steelmaking recarburizer for long-term supply of domestic and foreign major foundries and steel mills.
Calcined coke products for a long - term supply of major aluminum plants and graphitization plants.
Our high performance raw materials such as bitumen coke and needle coke are also used in the high end of the carbon industry, such as electrodes, special carbon and cathode materials.
Our products are not only widely used in the domestic market and received unanimous praise, in Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East and other overseas markets, have also been widely recognized.
To do the best in product quality and to provide customers with the best quality service has been the business purpose of friendship.
Our carbon materials business began in 1997, love metallurgy since 2001 to create, has always been adhering to the good faith development, the principle of the supremacy of customers, from the early stages of development in Shanghai, small processing plants, to have hundreds of employees, senior engineering cwi and dimensions enterprise of the management personnel and excellent sales team, one step at a time, the slow and steady development.
In order to better serve our customers all over the country, we also have a branch factory in huizhou, guangdong province and a base for further processing of raw materials in anqing, anhui province and cangzhou, hebei province.
At present, the sales volume of the company can reach 150,000 tons, which has been highly recognized and praised in the industry.
Our company in the continuous development at the same time, also do not forget the original intention, pay attention to keep pace with The Times in details, efforts to innovate.
Externally, we continue to expand the market, open up sales to seek win-win cooperation business philosophy and model;
Internally, we optimize the supply chain, deepen automation, improve product quality, increase product variety, improve their own productivity, with the fastest, the best and the most convenient for the purpose of meeting the multiple needs of customers.
We sincerely invite distinguished guests from all sides to negotiate and give guidance. We will provide you with the best solution.

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