Carburizing agent, commonly known as carborundum, is a ceramic compound formed by bonding silicon with carbon. Carburizing agent silicon also exists rare mineral in nature, mosanite. The common method is to mix quartz sand with coke, add salt and sawdust, place in a low nitrogen carburant electric furnace, and heat to a high temperature of about 2000 c. Edward Goodrich Acheson made the compound in 1893 at the price of carburant and developed the Acheson electric arc furnace for producing silicon carbide, which is still in use today. Silicon carbide has at least 70 crystalline forms. Alpha-silicon carbide is the most common isomorph of carburant manufacturers. It is formed at a high temperature higher than 2000°C and has a hexagonal crystal structure (like wurtzite). Beta-silicon carbide, cubic system structure, similar to diamond, is generated at less than 2000 C. The structure is shown in the page diagram. Although the application of heterogeneous contact calcined coke carrier is attractive because it has a higher unit number than the α type, up to now, this type has not been commercially applied. Due to its specific gravity of 3.2 and high sublimation temperature (about 2700°C), silicon carbide is very suitable as a raw material for bearings or high temperature furnaces. Under any pressure that can be reached, it will not melt and has relatively low chemical activity. Due to its high thermal conductivity, high breakdown strength and high maximum current density, a large number of people have recently tried to replace silicon with it in the application of semiconductor high power components. Therefore, it has a strong coupling effect with microwave radiation, and all its high sublimation points can be reset to actually replace the heating metal. The iridescent luster on the crystal is caused by the silicon dioxide protective layer produced on its surface. Used in semiconductor, lightning rod, circuit element, high temperature application, ultraviolet detector, structural material, astronomy, disc brake, clutch, diesel particulate filter, filament pyrometer, ceramic film, cutting tool, heating element, nuclear fuel, jewelry, steel, protective gear, catalyst carrier and other fields.
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